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Goldsboro, PA

and the Fishing Creek Valley

Recent Articles

Quakers, Saw Mills &
The Founding Father of Goldsboro

The early success of Goldsboro is due largely to one man, and his saw mills.

Goldsboro: A Vacation Destination?

Why would people want to visit Goldsboro? Apparently for lots of reasons. And basically they all have to do with the river.

Our Association

Without contributions of photos, postcards, newspapers and personal histories, this site would not have been possible. If you have any images you would be willing to let us scan for our history archive, or any items you would like to donate, please contact us. 


Smoketown Cemetery Restoration

Jacob Lemon is restoring this local cemetery stone by stone. Check out his progress.

Church Records Project

We are beginning the process of saving local church records in the Fishing Creek Valley area.

Photo Gallery

We are actively archiving images of Goldsboro and the surrounding Fishing Creek Valley (Etters) area. All these photos have been shared with us by local residents and we are always looking for more. Do YOU have some you would let us preserve?

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